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  • MIO Paperforms Wall Paneling
  • MIO Paperforms Wall Paneling

MIO Paperforms Wall Paneling

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Transform a room in minutes with environmentally friendly MIO PaperForms sculptural wall tiles. Add color and texture to a single wall or surround the space with them. Leave them in their out-of-the-box white finish, or cover them using latex or oil-based paints in your favorite colors to add even more character. Orient the tiles in different relationships to each other to produce strikingly different 3-dimensional effects until you find the pattern you like. Some people have also used Paperforms to create art pieces that float on a wall.

The lightweight modules are recycled and recyclable. They can be installed for temporary use with double-stick tape, velcro or tacks, and more permanently with wallpaper paste or mastic. Download the pdf for detailed installation instructions.

Available in Acoustic Weave, Cube, Flow and V2 patterns in a White finish. Tiles are 12 inches (30.4 cm) square and come 12 tiles to a pack; ergo each pack covers 12 square feet (1.1 m2).

PaperForms are a new concept in surface coverings that gives individuals the ability to affordably customize and re-define space. Designed by Jaime Salm and Alex Undi.
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