• DLP Cubitec Shelving
  • DLP Cubitec Shelving
  • DLP Cubitec Shelving
  • DLP Cubitec Shelving
  • DLP Cubitec Shelving

DLP Cubitec Shelving

$ 215.00 $ 240.00

White 10 Inch Depth
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Cubitec is an award-winning modular shelving system. With each module able to support up to 55 lbs (24.9 kg), it works equally well as a bookshelf, display piece or storage unit. Despite its strength and durability, Cubitec is lightweight and easily transportable, being made of 100% recyclable injection-molded polypropylene.

Flexible and versatile, Cubitec units can be assembled to suit your space, your budget and your tastes. And, it comes apart just as easily as it goes together, so you can always change your layout in the future should you want to relocate the piece or give it a new look.

Cubitec is the brainchild of Israeli industrial designer Doron Lachisch, founder of a plastics company in 1979 which continues to manufacture the product today. Designed in 1998 and time tested, it comes with a one year warranty.

Price is per unit. Each unit contains enough parts to create up to six cube compartments, depending on how you arrange them. You can order as many units as you want to build whatever you want.

Units can be left open or you can add a back panel or door at the front. Backs and doors are ordered separately and come in packs of two with the necessary attachment pieces.

The inside dimensions of a compartment is 15 1/2 w x 15 ½ h (39.4 x 39.4 cm). Choose from a depth of 10 or 13 ¼ inches (25.4 or 33.6 cm). Units of either depth can be joined front to back if you need extra deep storage.

Available in Orange and Transparent White. 

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