Our Story

The subject of creativity is getting a great deal of attention these days. Businesses large and small hire consultants to train staff in creative thinking as a way to spur innovation in their daily work. Parents scramble to learn about the latest techniques for advancing their children’s mental development through creative activities. Educators and experts continue to publish books and papers offering their perspectives on the subject. Add a hefty supply of blog posts, websites, conferences and even degree programs in creativity studies, and it becomes evident that our enthusiasm for insights into this valued commodity shows no signs of diminishing.

What is so far missing from the discussion, however, is a dedicated forum for thinking and learning about creativity within the context of home. Sure, there is a steady stream of studies and commentary on topics relating to creativity in a residential environment, but they are  largely one-off takes on a subject that begs for a more in-depth and practical treatment.

That’s where THE CREATIVE HOME steps in. It was launched by Donald Rattner (that’s me), an architect, educator, author, bon vivant, and founder of MODULE R, a retail business specializing in customizable, interactive, flexible design products and the predecessor to this site. THE CREATIVE HOME is intended to become the (pronounced “thee”) place where you can learn about personal and professional creativity, find techniques and things to nurture creativity at home, and share examples of what people are doing to make themselves, their families and their homes more creative places.

So get creative, and get smart: sign up for The Creativity Reader on this page, then check out my new book, THE CREATIVITY CATALOG. There's lots to think about!